School leaders choose Gerardy Photography for our difference in several key areas:

  • KeyBenefits-PicDay

    Picture Day

    You will experience the smoothest picture day you’ve ever had! We send a highly-trained crew that is self-sufficient, meaning there’s no need for you to recruit volunteers or manage the schedule. Our photographers are paired with posing assistants who do all the student prep, while our Crew Lead supervises the logistics, which means less work for you!

  • KeyBenefits-Admin

    Customized Admin Packages

    We’ll work with you to determine the service items your school needs, and you’ll receive them fast.  We tailor your admin package to your specific school which helps reduce waste, keep prices low, and ensure that you have everything you need. Most items are delivered one to two weeks after the first picture day.

  • KeyBenefits-Quality

    Portrait & Product Quality

    Your parents will be excited about their children’s pictures - a win for you as well as us! Our proof program guarantees quality and choice, as parents are able to view photos before buying them. You’ll also love the gorgeous artwork on products such as STAR Awards, class composites, and photo accessories. Frankly, we think our designs are the most beautiful anywhere, and we invite you to make your own comparison!

  • KeyBenefits-Lab

    Local Lab

    You will appreciate the fast turnaround, responsiveness, and attention to detail that comes with Gerardy Photography’s ability to produce everything in-house. By having our own lab, we have complete quality control and can ensure accuracy down to the smallest details. When special circumstances arise, as they sometimes do, this allows us to respond nimbly to requests, troubleshoot an issue, or even hand-deliver an urgent order. Our in-house lab helps us serve you better!