Is anything cuter than a preschooler’s smile? Those round cheeks and sparkling eyes? We think not. That is why we work so hard to create the kind of environment that elicits the most natural, joyful, and relaxed expressions from your little ones.

Here are a few ways that our school partners notice we stand out:

Our photographers are exceptionally trained

At Gerardy Photography, our preschool photographers are the best of the best. They receive hours of additional training specific to working with preschoolers. By being playful and gentle, our crew takes the fear out of what might be an unfamiliar situation, so that those sweet smiles show.

You choose the style

We design beautiful sets and backgrounds specifically for preschool programs. Directors may choose from a variety of options, and our selection is updated annually.

Our class composites are artistically designed

Featuring vibrant, custom designs, our class composites reflect the whimsy and wonder of the preschool years.

Parents choose from a variety of poses and expressions

Our proof program provides both quality and choice. After picture day a proof card is sent home, allowing parents to view four adorable options before deciding to buy. Parents also have the convenience of completing their order online or by sending the proof card back to school where we will collect it.

Our process is streamlined and simple

We know that running a school takes tremendous time and effort, so we do as much as we can to make this process stress-free for you. We are THE EXPERTS in creating a successful workflow with your school!

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