You want to raise money for a special program or project, and we can help!  With these creative possibilities, you will be able to raise funds while offering your families meaningful products that they will treasure for a lifetime.

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    Spring Portraits

    Parents adore creative photos that showcase their children's personalities. With casual posing and non-traditional backgrounds, our spring portraits allow each child's individuality to shine. And, since kids grow and change so rapidly, spring portraits also capture the subtle changes from the past year.

    A percentage of all purchases is donated back to your school.

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    With ArtBox, we offer a variety of ways to showcase a child’s creations for years to come. Every student submits a work of art which can then be reproduced on any of our products, offering parents an item as original as the child who designed it.

    Try our fun, sustainable art fundraising program and see how easy it is to...

    • INSPIRE imagination, creativity, and confidence through art education.
    • SHARE the joy of displaying and celebrating each child’s talent.
    • SUPPORT your school with irresistible and timeless products.