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What do we mean, we wrote the book on school photography?

Well, to understand that, we need to remember how school photos used to be taken. In the early days, students showed up for Picture Day with money for their order. Someone sat them in front of a background and took one photo. And that was it.

Back then, John and Shirley Gerardy were running a photo lab where they saw first-hand the need to improve the quality of school pictures. As classically-trained photographers who had studied under master photographers of the day, they wondered: how could we do this better?  

And that was the beginning of Gerardy Photography.

When Gerardy Photography launched in 1987, we scrapped the status-quo and created our own standards, influencing the direction of the entire industry for years to come.

So what exactly did we do?

Gerardy Photography turned the one-shot model into a mini-studio experience.

By using lighting and posing techniques found in high-end portraiture, we added dimension and quality. We also introduced multiple poses and expressions to produce classic, timeless portraits that parents cherish.

Gerardy Photography was the first to bring the proof program to San Diego County, a monumental shift in the process of school portraiture. We provided up to four proofs, giving parents the opportunity to see and choose from a variety of expressions before buying.

Gerardy Photography was the first school photo company to go fully digital.

By writing our own software to accommodate the new technology, we were able to reduce waste, streamline the proof process, and innovate on products offered to both schools and parents.

This tradition of excellence, innovation, and service provide the foundation for how we partner with you today. We invest in a relationship with your school in order to be responsive to your needs and to help you meet the expectations of your families. Learn how our values influence our business practices and ask us how we can serve you!