Welcome to Classic School Portraits™ (CSP) website, where we provide our customers a secure, convenient, and enjoyable way to view, purchase, and share school portraits on our website. Our customers are parents/legal guardians, school staff, and all visitors of our website whether or not such visitor has login access to our website and services (together, the “service”). Customers can also check their school portraits delivery status, register for our newsletter, rate our services, and sign up for special product/service offerings. However, prior to using our services please carefully review our website’s privacy policy, which may also be found throughout our web pages.

Security and Privacy

Classic School Portraits™ takes your security and privacy very seriously. The following describes how Classic School Portraits™ uses your customer personally identifiable information, such as name, mailing/billing address, e-mail, phone number, and credit card number (together, the “customer information”). CSP ensures that your customer information is safeguarded on a secure server behind a firewall. Primarily, we gather customer information for the purpose of offering you an outstanding online experience on CSP’s website. Excluding as specifically explained in this privacy policy, CSP does not solicit, rent, or share your customer information with non-affiliated parties.

CSP’s website supports secure socket layer (SSL) in order to protect your customer information. CSP understands that this is crucial during an exchange of personally identifiable information, such as passwords, credit cards, and billing information.

CSP will never inquire about your password in an unsolicited phone call or e-mail. Your password will only be asked if you initiate the contact or if it is needed to correct a service error.

How secure are credit card transactions on CSP’s website?

CSP uses a third-party financial institution to process CSP’s online credit card transactions. CSP ensures that your credit card number and identifiable information is secured and encrypted during transit to the third-party financial institution. In the case an unauthorized party accesses CSP’s customer financial information; we will notify you via e-mail.

Information collected – Customer information is collected on our website only as it pertains to the type of service that you are requesting.
We respect the privacy of children, and do not collect any more personal information than reasonably necessary to enable them to participate in the services we offer at our website.

With respect to our online information collection practices from children under thirteen (13) years of age: we collect the following types of personal information directly from children on our website – login passwords, first and last name, and e-mail address. If you are under eighteen (18) years of age please get permission from your parent/legal guardian before you send us any information.  Please note that parents may consent to the above collection and use without necessarily consenting to the disclosure of personal information to third parties.

If a child has given CSP personal information without the consent of a parent/legal guardian, we ask that the parent/legal guardian contact Classic School Portraits™ at (760) 747 – 2263 Monday through Friday between 8:30am and 5:00pm PST.

With respect to the collection by other organizations of personal information from children at our site, our policy is: we do not have any agreements with outside non-affiliated organizations to collect personal information at our site.

Use and sharing of information

The information we collect from children is used: for fulfillment of a requested transaction only.  We share personal information with third parties who use this information in the normal course of their business for services requested by a parent/legal guardian. We have received the following commitments for security of information from third parties with whom we share personal information. All third parties with whom we share information have agreed to maintain security and integrity of personal information.

Parental Review

Parents can review the information that we have collected from their children online, to prevent the further use or maintenance of such information, or direct the deletion of their children’s personal information by calling us at (760) 747 – 2263 Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm PST

How does CSP use customer information?

Our main objective in collecting your customer information is to offer you a customized, relevant, and user-friendly experience on our website. Your personalized login gives you access to securely view, purchase, check the delivery status of your portrait(s), Share-A-Smile, and rate our products and services. CSP uses customer information to address inquiries and process orders.

With whom does CSP share customer information?

CSP shares customer information only with third-party intermediaries who assist us with the order, production, and process of your CSP orders (for example, a credit card authorization company).

Other than as described above, CSP will not solicit, rent, or share your customer information with those indirectly affiliated with CSP without your knowledge and consent. You may contact us if you do not wish to share your customer information at any time. If CSP is required by law or to safeguard our rights and/or property, CSP will disclose information to the extent legally required.

Who has access to view and purchase school portraits on CSP’s website?

CSP provides the parents/legal guardians and school staff unique log-in passwords that enable them to access and securely view, purchase, and share their school portraits on our website. A parent/legal guardian or school staff may utilize our Share-A-Smile feature if they wish to invite family and friends to view and/or purchase their school portraits. Please refer to the section on Share-A-Smile of this page for further details.

School portraits are shown to CSP employees in order to produce, print, and package the portraits. Additionally, CSP discloses customer information only to employees that need to process orders, inquiries, and/or requests.  A parent/legal guardian may request not to have their child(rens) school portrait viewable on our website. In such instances, please contact us and we will gladly honor these requests.

PLEASE NOTE: A parent/legal guardian with login passwords may continue to securely purchase their child’s school portrait on our website without being able to view the school portrait. The parent/legal guardian may refer to the portrait proof that was given to them to assist with pose selection.


Share-A-Smile is a referral tool for sharing school portraits with family and/or friends (together, the “invitee”). An invitee is a person who is invited to CSP’s website by a customer (i.e. parents/legal guardians or school staff with login passwords). By using Share-A-Smile, you grant your invitees access to view and/or purchase your school portraits. School portraits are available on our website to view and purchase for a limited time only.

To use Share-A-Smile, you must have login access and be the parent/legal guardian that wishes to share your child’s school portrait or school staff that wishes to share your individual school staff portrait. An e-mail with a link to view and purchase your school portrait is sent to your invitees on your behalf. However, as with any e-mail, the invitation may be extended to additional family members, friends, or individuals. As a CSP customer with login passwords, you are responsible and control who has access to view and purchase your school portraits on our website. Classic School Portraits ensures that your customer information on our website is safeguarded on a secure server behind a firewall. However, please be aware that submitting content via e-mail is not secure and may be retrieved by those who are not granted access. Therefore, practice caution with who you share your school portraits over the Internet. CSP is not responsible for the privacy and security of those e-mails sent on behalf of the customer, their invitees, or any individual. CSP stores this information for the sole purpose of sending this one-time e-mail. The invitee may contact CSP to have their e-mail removed from our database.

IP addresses and cookies

An Internet Protocol (IP) address is your unique computer address, which allows online information to be delivered to the right place. CSP uses IP addresses to better comprehend our customer database. Additionally, your IP address helps CSP identify problems with our web/host server and to manage our website. Your IP address can also be used to collect general demographic information, for example geographic distribution of our online visitors. We do not purposely link your IP address to personally identifiable information.

CSP cookies helps us to recognize you as a returning visitor to our website. CSP cookies are not linked to personally identifiable information.

Advertiser cookies and third party links from CSP

If you link to a third-party advertiser or partner’s website, you may be asked to submit customer information, such as a credit card to purchase their products/services or personally identifiable information to complete their registration process. These companies have separate security and privacy policies than CSP. As described above, CSP is not responsible or liable for their services and separate policies. Please review their privacy and security policies cautiously.

Advice on limiting cookies

You have the choice to accept or reject cookies and be informed when a cookie is placed. If you choose to reject cookies, you may not be able to view the content of CSP’s website. Please refer to your browser instructions on how to modify your cookie choices.

How can you update or correct your customer information?

To update or correct your customer information, please contact us and provide us with your current or correct customer information.
If we use your personally identifiable information in a different manner from that which is stated above, we will notify you via e-mail. You may contact us to inform us not to use your personally identifiable information in this different manner. 

Other information about privacy

If you have requested to be included in our notification for promotions, you may be sent e-mails in regards to specials and promotions that may be of interest to you. You may contact us if you do not wish to receive CSP promotional e-mails.


Customers who reside in the state of California will be charged the current state sales tax.

Delivery & Shipping

Proofs are delivered to the school approximately one (1) week after picture day. Normally, finished portrait packages for your initial order is delivered approximately eight (8) weeks after picture day. Occasional special circumstances may delay delivery.

Orders received after the return due date will be delivered to the school unless shipping is requested (standard shipping within the United States only) and the $5.00 shipping fee is paid. Orders received after the return due date will be shipped to the customer (there is a $5.00 shipping fee and standard shipping within the United States only) and a $5.00 handling fee will be applied to the order. Sorry we do not accept international orders at this time.


CSP offers value – the best quality for the dollar. Our customers must be completely satisfied with our products and/or services. We give a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your child’s school portraits, please return the portraits along with the reason for your dissatsfaction and contact information within fourteen (14) days from the date you received your portraits and mail to: 

Classic School Portraits
Gerardy Photography
200 West Second Avenue
Escondido, CA 92025–4104

Please allow ten to fourteen business days from the date we receive your return for processing.

If the portraits were damaged during transit, please return the portraits along with your contact information within fourteen days from the date you received your portraits. Portraits will be re-printed and re-sent to you within ten to fourteen business days, unless you request to pick them up at our studio location.

Contacting CSP

If you have any questions about our policies or your experience with the CSP website, please contact us and we will be happy to address your inquiries.